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Martial Arts For Justice

Project Description

Started in 2013, Martial Arts for Justice (MAJ) is designed to be an alliance of martial artists and school owners who choose to actively pursue justice, locally and globally.

The primary goal of MAJ is to mobilize martial artists and school owners on a global level to fight for victims of violence, and against slavery and human trafficking.

In many countries around the world, injustice is the underlying problem that keeps people in poverty and oppression, including an estimated 36 million people who live in slavery. As a united group, we have the capacity to create positive change in our world on a profound level.




Project details

Type: Project Management, Event Coordination, Organizational Develpment, Social Media, Promotion, Advocacy and Membership Outreach, Video Production, Graphic Design
Date: October 12, 2015
Tags: Fundraising, Graphics, Marketing, Project Management

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