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Fern Sabo is a communications strategist who has a passion for community and leadership. She is a visionary leader who is inspired by individuals, non-profits, organizations, businesses and corporations who are committed to generating positive change within their communities and the world at large. Sabo has a deep understanding of working systems, cross-sectorial connection and what it takes to really implement the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit. Professionally she is an entrepreneur, an artist, and a communicator. She has held numerous volunteer roles such as School Board Director, Parent Advisory Council Chair, funding coordinator for multiple organizations and founder/president of a non-profit community association.

Fern actively studies global change agents such as Social Artist Jean Huston, and Paul Born Co-founder of the Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement. Throughout her life she has been personally inspired by Helen Keller, the blinddeaf child who overcame her weaknesses and went on to become a famous author, political activist and lecturer. When Fern was 8 years her father gave her two books about Helen Keller, and Fern learned that she shared the same birthday as Helen. Fern became intrigued with Helen’s story and would read the books over and over again. As Fern grew older she continued to seek out information pertaining to Helen’s life and developed a deep sense of connection and special fondness for who Helen was as a person. A special source of inspiration for Fern is Helen Keller’s quote, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

fern-in-argenta-oct-17Sabo grow up in a small rural community, at the north end of Kootenay Lake. This experience established a strong foundation of what it really means to come together as a whole. For as long as she can remember the purpose of working collectively, to solve common issues, has been an instrumental part of who she is. With a family philosophy of the three C’s (clean air, clean water, and conscious living), as her guiding principles, and extensive experience in solution based thinking, she was naturally drawn to helping people facilitate positive change, specifically groups of people. Generating positive change and developing action plans to achieve results can be challenging at times, these challenges are often exhilarating and exciting but can also be daunting and scary. Fern has a passion for this form of work and has found that when you bring the right people together, in the right places, amazing things start to happen. As Margret Mead said!” Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”.

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Professional history


2012 Fern Sabo Establishes Freelance Communications Company 

With a passion for community-based work and a background in marketing, design and project management, including fundraising, Fern now works with non profits, organizations, and small businesses to help them achieve their communication goals.


2006-2011 Fern Works For Nelson Based Company, Function d’Eva, as Events/Project Manager 

Client included: The Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Columbia Basin Trust, Targa Canada West, The Association Kootenay Boundary Local Governments, Nelson and District Credit Union, Numerous BC Law Firms and multiple individuals.


2000-2006 Fern Runs Home Based International Distribution Business

In 2000 Fern started a family,  left her retail management position and began a home-based independent distribution business for a health sciences company.

Volunteer Positions

Non profit Society Founder/President, 2011- 2015

Shoreacres Neighbourhood Community Association (SaNCA) – Society Development/Maintenance/Strategist, Grant Manager, Stakeholder Engagement, Media Relations, Graphic Design, Web Development

Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Chair, 2012-2014

Nelson Wildflower School- Rebuilding collapsed PAC, Stabilizing finances and process, Grant management, Meeting Chair, Event Coordination, Communications

Grants Manager, 2011-2013

Nelson 4H Club- Grant writer/management/reporting on CBT, RDCK, and BC 4H Grants

Support/ Consulting, 2010-2013

West Kootenay Eco Society- Sponsorship/Event Strategy Development, Administrative support

Director of the Board, 2010-2012

Nelson Waldrof School- Marketing/Promotions, Fundraising, Event Coordination, PAC Liaison

Research Support, 2010

Brynne Consulting – RDCK Agricultural Plan content collection, Bylaw and Zoning documentation analysis

Volunteer Recruitment, 2006-2007

Slocan Valley Rail Trail Society- Volunteer recruitment and database compilation

Funding Liaison, 2005

Child Care Resource and Referral- Slocan Park Hall Childhood Program Funding Liaison

Activity Coordinator, 2004-2005

Slocan Valley Recreation Society- Gathered materials, located instructors, coordinated activities